Tips On How To Transform Your Garden In Winter

Tips On How To Transform Your Garden In Winter

The season of long nights, short days and bitterly cold weather that makes us not want to leave the warmth of our beds for a quiet moment in the bathroom is slowly creeping up upon us. While you are starting to map out plans on how to survive the unpopular winter season, it is also the opportune time to begin the next phase of garden maintenance in the Lower North.

Your garden is your peaceful oasis. A tranquil place you escape to catch a few relaxing moments away from the stress and trials of life. However, come winter season, your garden does not remotely resemble the happy and tranquil oasis you enjoy in summer. It is understandable as very few people are willing to stand for hours in the cold to tend to their garden.

If you are looking for ways to rejuvenate your garden this winter, we have compiled our list of tips to transform your garden;

  1. Improve Your Soil.

When it comes to your garden, the adage beauty is more than skin deep perfectly applies. The foundation of your garden’s health is your soil, and when you nourish it adequately, you will be able to enjoy a rich greenery feast for the entire year.

Improving your soil’s structure should be your priority as your property will a proper drainage system to prevent fungal diseases and mildew. Moreover, this should be balanced with good water retention to endure the dry spells.

One of the most effective ways of helping your soil retain water and nutrients is composting. It also introduces microorganisms that support healthy growth and fight diseases. Using high-quality lawn fertilisers and mulch for your garden beds guarantees healthy and robust foliage and a plush lawn you can enjoy during winter.

  1. Control Your Pests.

If you have a lacklustre garden, it is not because you have mediocre gardening skills, but your garden is infested with pests. Slugs and snails are the main culprits who ruin the good work you have done in nourishing your soil and maintaining the health of your plants by leeching the colour and their health.

You will need to hire garden maintenance service specialists in Chatswood should your lawn be diseased and looking patchy. They will provide heavy-duty lawn care to rid your lawn of any grubs and parasites that rob your lawn of vital nutrients.

It is advisable to mow your regularly to cut out the heads and stalks of weeds, including pulling out by hand the weeds below mowing height. If you have a citrus tree, make sure to cover them with a net to prevent nighttime creatures from enjoying the fruits of your hard labour.

  1. Add New Plants.

Adding new plants is one effective way of sprucing up your garden. The aesthetic benefits are immediately visible, leaving your garden with a fresher look. Is also encourages the growth of a new ecosystem which comes with new species to support them.

  1. Clean Your Yard.

The most affordable and effective way to transform your garden is to simply clean it up. It may be laborious, and no one enjoys doing it, but once you have done it, you see an instant magical improvement in the appearance of your garden. Cleaning your yard paves the way for a more healthier and resilient growth of your garden.

If you are always dreaming of transforming your garden but never get round to doing it, Hort Culture can help. We offer bespoke garden maintenance services in Bay View that will bring the Garden of Eden to your backyard. Request a free quote on our website today!

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