Landscape Gardeners Keeping Things Beautiful on the North Shore

Hort Culture is a Sydney based garden services provider specialising in maintenance in the residential sector of the Northern Beaches.

We believe the North Shore of Sydney contains some of the lushest gardens in the whole of Australia. With that in mind, we take pride in providing maintenance and a whole range of gardening services to the wonderful location that is the North Shore.

Our loving clients agree that Hort Culture provides the best gardening service on the Northern Beaches – we understand that you love your garden and we want to help maintain its beauty and elegance. Our services are wide ranging, allowing you to utilise a highly experienced team for a range of garden contexts.

Our Story

Director Daniel Fudge has been in the horticultural gardening industry for over 15 years, hence the reason he established his recent company, Hort Culture. He heads a motivated team of committed and diligent horticulturists that are passionate and professional throughout all gardening services for the Northern Beaches and North Shore.

Daniel and his team of landscape gardeners treat all of their clients’ gardens as their own. This way they can take pride in their space and enjoy the stunning scenery that their properties have to offer.

From lush hedges to stylish poolside sittings – the North Shore and Northern Beaches boast some of the most beautiful landscapes available in the region.

What we do

Take the stress out of looking after your gardens and let Hort Culture’s landscape gardeners take control! Our gardening services for the North Shore allow you to spend less time in the dirt and more time doing the things you love.

Moreover, we’ve worked hard to ensure all of our solutions are of the highest quality, offering our clients unmatched support and results that deliver. Our North Shore and Northern Beaches gardening services include:

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For any more information on Hort Culture and our gardening services, please have a look through the website get in touch. We’re always more than happy to answer any questions and provide you with recommendations towards achieving the landscape you’re after.