Arborist/Tree Removal

Top Quality Tree Removal

Noticed a tree in your garden withering away?

Top Quality Tree Removal

The team at Hort Culture believes a home is not a home without trees. Greenery is a focal point of a home’s image and provide the property with a touch of character, charm, and can even give it a theme.

Who doesn’t love going into a backyard where there is a large, beautiful swimming pool, a stylish pool house, and a wonderful garden that includes two large palm trees resting next to that pool? Trees can provide what is needed to make your home feel like a tropical oasis in the middle of the city – they add to the tranquillity and calm of the house.

However, the team at Hort Culture also knows that, as much as we all love having trees on our property, this can’t always last forever. Trees, unfortunately, may require pruning or removal from a property when they get out of hand, or are obstructing certain areas.

For cases like this, we recommend you contact Hort Culture to step in and take action.

Reasons for needing a tree removed

Trees are wonderful, but they can also become problematic. In some instances, a tree may need to be removed due to:

+ It has sadly died

+ It has become unhealthy – look out for signs of decay

+ It at risk of falling

+ It has become damaged in a storm (we’ve all seen it, guys)

Dangerous Branches Hanging Over Your Home?

Our Arborist Services

Have any large trees in your property that need attention? Our arborists carry out tree lopping, removal and pruning throughout the North Shore and Northern Beaches, we can tend to the needs of your tree with the pride and care we take when providing all of our other garden services.

With a range of tree lopping, pruning and removal services available throughout the area, we’re able to provide an unmatched level of customer support for all of our clients. Moreover, we’re enthusiastic about the work we do and aim to continue raising the bar for landscape gardening services throughout the North Shore and Northern Beaches.


Quality guaranteed

So you’ve decided that you would to have your trees tended to by our gardeners? Does your tree need pruning? When choose the team at Hort Culture, you’re guaranteed the highest quality service available on the North Shore and Northern Beaches.

We pull no strings when making sure every arborist problem you are having at your home is sorted and that your garden is back to its full health and beauty.

Note: All works are subject to different council rules and if advised, council permission will be required for quoted works to proceed.

Our Garden-loving professionals

We have a highly experienced team of garden-loving professionals; this we can guarantee, and we can tend to the following issues:

  • Elimination of dead or unwanted trees
  • Disposal of dangerous branches hanging over houses
  • Removal of dead wood from trees to reduce branches falling
  • Thinning out of canopies to allow light through to lower garden areas
  • Stump grinding
For all your gardening needs.