4 Top Tips For Lawn Maintenance When You Have Pets

Our furry friends are mostly much-loved members of the family. That is until their outdoor antics leave our lawns looking somewhat worse for wear.  

Here are some top lawn maintenance tips to help you create a harmonious balance between pet ownership and a green, healthy lawn. 

Understanding Your Pet’s Habits And Routines

The first step in developing lawn care strategies will be observing your pets and their behaviour in the garden. Answer these questions to get you started:

  • Do they have favourite “bathroom” spots? 
  • Do they run the same path every time? 
  • Do they have any destructive habits, like digging? 
  • Do they only dig when the weather is hot (to make themselves a cool spot to lie)?

Encouraging a different routine or behaviour or providing alternatives can be the first step in your new lawn preservation strategy.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, But Not Their Mess!

Pet waste contains high levels of nitrogen that can cause damage to your lawn. If you notice spots of lawn that look burnt, it is probably a favourite toilet spot. To avoid this problem, you should clean up doggie doo as quickly as possible and water wee spots to dilute and diffuse the nitrogen from that area. 

You can also consider altering their diet. For example, animals fed on a raw food diet produce less mess, which is more compact and less smelly. However, you should first discuss dietary changes with your vet.

Fertilise Your Lawn Regularly

Apply fertiliser at regular intervals to give your lawn the best chance of resisting pet damage. That way, it will grow vigorously and better cope with the wear and tear of pets running and playing.

Change Over To Hardier Grass Varieties

Different varieties of grass are available for Australian lawns, and some are more tolerant of high-traffic pet attention. Popular grasses that are considered more pet-resistant include:

  • Couch grasses
  • Kikuyu grasses
  • Zoysia grasses
  • Buffalo grasses

Consult your lawn specialists to find out what type of grass you have and to give recommendations and methods for switching over to a more forgiving variety.

[CTA] If you need professional lawn maintenance services to keep your lawn in top condition, contact Hort Culture today. Our lawn experts will have your lawn looking green and fabulous in no time. They will provide the best advice to ensure that your furry friends and lawn can live together harmoniously.

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