8 Tree-Related Tips From An Arborist On The North Shore

Arborists are people that have dedicated their lives to studying trees and tree health. Property owners often call them for tree removals and tree advice. Here at Hort Culture, we have a team of professional arborists on the North Shore and in this article, we’ll be giving you eight useful tree-related tips!

Roots Show The Tell-Tale Sign

If you want to get a brief idea of your tree’s health, the roots often show signs of sickness or ill health. For example, very thin and broken roots could be telling you that the soil is too compact or the tree is not getting the nutrients it needs.

It’s Often Better To Plant Native Trees

If you want a low maintenance tree, it is often better to plant native trees as they are easier to look after and tend to have fewer issues since they are in their native environment.

Pruning Trees Is Not As Easy As It Looks

Not all trees should be pruned in the same way. And it is very easy to prune trees in a way that is not beneficial to them. That is why it is sometimes better to call in the experts.

Trees Are Very Resilient 

Trees are very resilient and it is unlikely that they will die from a single event or single infestation. However, if your tree is in ill health, there are probably a variety of contributing factors involved.

Planting Shrubs At The Base Of A Tree Is A Good Idea

Planting shrubs at the tree’s base can help protect the trunk and help loosen compact soil around the tree.

Root Damage Often Happens During Landscape Installation

Root damage can cause trees to deteriorate, and root damage most often occurs during landscape installation.

Water Your Trees

While trees do not need to be watered as often as other plants, they still require occasional watering.

Get Tree Inspections Yearly

If you want to ensure the health of your trees, it is important that you get professional inspections done yearly.

Are you looking for an arborist on the North Shore to care for the trees in your garden? Whether you have a residential or commercial garden, our professional team at Hort Culture can provide you with all the garden services you may require. Get in touch with us today!


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