How To Create A Low Maintenance Garden

Are you designing the layout for your new garden? Are you choosing which trees and flowers you want to plant? You may want to think about the maintenance involved with your dream garden. Complex gardens with high-maintenance flora can prove to be very time-consuming and even expensive to maintain. It can turn gardening, which should be fun, into a real headache.

As experts in garden maintenance in Wahroonga, here are our tips on creating a garden that is easy and affordable to maintain and will stand the test of time.

Forget About A Lawn

Having a lawn or any large patch of grass in your garden doubles the required maintenance. Lawns are notoriously difficult to maintain and can make your garden look shabby if it is not doing well. Instead, you could opt for pavers, gravel, perennials, or even a deck.

Have A Low Variety Of Plants

If you want a wide variety of plants in your garden, you will have to know a lot about plants. But if you keep the variety to a minimum, you just need to educate about a handful of plant species and what it is they need in order to flourish. As you get more confident and knowledgeable, you can slowly start adding more plants.

Opt For Native Plants

Having alien species in your garden poses various threats. They can be very hard to maintain, or they can overtake your garden and kill your other plants. The best choice would be only to include native plants that are not just native to Australia but your particular area.

Enriching Your Soil

Investing in high-quality soil will make your garden maintenance much easier for you as your plants will experience fewer issues. Enriching your soil means regularly adding compost and nutrients so that the soil is nutrient-rich. Different types of plants will prefer different types of soil, so best do your research!

Use Durable Materials

Garden maintenance is not just about gardening and plants; it is also about maintaining any garden furniture and features. Therefore, you should always choose furniture and features made from highly durable materials so that you do not need to repair or upgrade them constantly.

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