Ingredients For Growing Healthy Trees In Your Garden

Growing young trees in your garden requires time and commitment. But it is an investment that certainly pays off as in a few years’ time, you’ll enjoy beautiful, strong trees that provide shade and value to your property.

As experts in garden maintenance and tree pruning on the North Shore, we are very familiar with what is necessary in order for a young tree to grow big and strong. In this article, we provide some of the key ingredients needed for growing trees in your garden.

The Right Amount Of Water

Many people make the mistake of over-watering their trees. It’s important to educate yourself about the type of young trees that you have in your garden and learn about how much water they require for healthy growth.

Fertilise Where Necessary

Fertiliser provides many important nutrients to assist the tree in growing. Many sources say to fertilise once a year, but you can fertilise more often if required. As the tree matures, you won’t need to fertilise at all.

Regular Pruning

Even young trees require regular pruning to keep them healthy by removing dead and dying branches. But it’s also important not to over-prune your trees. If you are not confident in pruning your own trees, you may want to get assistance from tree experts.

Remove Stakes Early

Stakes help stabilise your tree when it is very young, but it is important not to leave the stakes for too long as they can weaken the trunk of your tree. Your tree needs to learn to stand up on its own from a young age.

Protect Your Tree

Young trees can be quite fragile, so you should keep your children and pets from playing near them and be extra careful when you are mowing or weed-eating around the area closest to the tree. Falling into or bumping the trunk can cause it to break.

Keep Grass Away From The Base Of Your Tree

Keep grass at least half a metre away from your tree. By allowing grass to grow near the base of your tree, you are forcing your tree to compete with grass for nutrients in the soil and other much-needed resources.

Are you looking for experts in garden maintenance and tree pruning on the North Shore? The Hort Culture team can help ensure your trees grow to their full potential. Please feel free to get in touch with us should you have any questions about our professional tree-related services.


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