Is It Dangerous to Trim Your Own Trees?

Not only does regular tree trimming keep your garden looking neat and tidy, but pruning also keeps your trees healthy and prevents their branches from interfering with overhead wires and more. While tree trimming may look relatively simple, homeowners are discouraged from trimming their own trees because of the risks involved.

Hort Culture is proud to be a trusted expert when it comes to tree trimming on the North Shore, and in this article, we’ll discuss some of the potential dangers that come with attempting to trim your trees on your own.

Working at Heights

Whenever you are working at great heights, there is the danger of falling. A fall from a tall tree could be potentially life-threatening. Professional tree trimmers have all the right equipment to prevent falls. While you could take precautions to prevent a fall, it is quite difficult to develop surefire prevention techniques and the risk is always there.

Specialised Equipment

First of all, working with sharp objects such as saws is a danger in and of itself, and should be avoided if you are not properly trained or experienced.

The major benefit that comes with hiring professionals to trim your trees for you is that they have all the specialised equipment needed to get the shop done safely and efficiently.

Dead Branches

Arborists are able to determine whether branches are dead or not very easily, and they can avoid putting any weight on them. If you were to accidentally sit or stand on a dead branch, you could end up experiencing an unexpected fall, as dead branches won’t be able to hold your weight.

Electrical Wires

Trimming your trees may mean that you may have to get quite close to electrical wires, which certainly pose yet another danger. Accidentally cutting into an electrical wire can result in an extremely painful shock.

In addition to tree trimming being potentially dangerous, if you don’t have experience with trimming trees it is likely that you won’t do a very good job— and could even end up damaging the trees on your property. This is just another reason why you should put your trust in professional arborists and tree-trimming experts.

Hort Culture is proud to offer professional tree trimming on the North Shore. Our experienced arborists carry out these services efficiently and safely, and they are only one call away. If you have unruly trees on your property, feel free to chat with us today.

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