The 6-Step Checklist For A Spring Garden Clean-Up In Hornsby

During the cooler winter weather, you’ll have noticed that your garden entered a dormant phase with slow growth, shedding of leaves, and even less activity in the natural ecosystems of your yard.

But now that spring has sprung, it’s time to get back into your garden as it awakens from its winter slumber and use this time to help it regain its former glory.

We have compiled this handy checklist to get you started on your spring garden clean-up in Hornsby. Turn your garden into a fabulous haven before summer arrives!

  1. Assessing Your Garden

Stroll through your garden and take note of what has happened to it over the stagnant winter months. Check for any damaged, dead, or otherwise unhealthy-looking plants. Also, take note of plants that are already starting to shoot or bud.

  1. Pruning and Trimming

Prune and trim trees, shrubs, bushes and other perennials that are damaged or overgrown. This will encourage healthy new growth as the weather warms up.

Check out this blog for some top advice from our arborists on different pruning techniques. 

  1. Removing The Rubbish

Many plants will have shed leaves, twigs, or branches over the winter, and others might have succumbed to the cold weather. Spend some time cleaning up any accumulated debris for a fresh, clean look before moving on to the next step.

  1. Preparing The Soil and Mulching

Loosen up the soil in your garden beds with a hoe or gardening fork, allowing it to become aerated and absorb water more easily. Dig in some fertiliser, compost, or mulch to “feed” the soil. This will encourage the renewed growth of your existing plants and any new seedlings you add.

  1. Get a Head Start on Weeding

Even the weeds will have slowed down their growth during winter. Now is an excellent time to get them under control before they start their growth spurts. Consult your gardening services expert for top advice on safe and effective weed control.

  1. Plan Your Fabulous Garden

Grab a cup of tea, pencil and paper and start your planning. Decide what flowers, shrubs, or vegetables you would like to grow, where you will plant them and when. Creating a planting schedule is very helpful to ensure a beautiful showing of flowers or continuous harvesting of crops over the coming month.

If this all sounds daunting, we are here to help! Contact Hort Culture today, and we’ll come out and do your spring garden clean-up in Hornsby for you. We offer a variety of garden maintenance service plans to keep your garden in the best condition all year. 

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