When is the Best Time for a Garden Overhaul?

Keeping your yard looking great is an ongoing task, requiring regular garden maintenance throughout the year. It is a good idea to give your yard a complete overhaul at least once a year. But when is the best time to do this? The answer to your question depends on various factors, including the task in question, your region and your conditions.

In this blog, we take a closer look at what is involved in a garden overhaul and the best time of year for the bigger gardening chores.

What does a garden overhaul entail?

Tasks like weeding, watering, and trimming are necessary to keep your garden looking respectable. However, a range of larger tasks must be carried out from time to time to maintain the integrity of your grass.

Garden overhaul tasks include:

  • Pruning
  • Transplanting 
  • Dividing perennials
  • Soil testing
  • Feeding with fertilisers and mulch
  • New installations like irrigation systems
  • Hardscaping projects like paths, patios or changing garden beds


Spring is a time of significant growth in your garden, so this would be the perfect time to add new plants. The soil will warm, nurturing the perfect conditions for your seeds and plants to thrive.


During winter, plants become dormant, grow slowly, and often shed their leaves. This is the best time to do many garden overhaul projects, including:

  • Relocating plants while they are not growing or flowering
  • Reseeding lawns before spring
  • Pruning of trees, bushes and shrubs – during this time, you can better assess their shape and structure for the best pruning strategies


As plant growth starts to slow, autumn is another good time for transplanting. Perennials will have multiplied over the summer and might be overcrowding their space. This is the best time to uproot and divide them before heading into the colder months of winter. Now is also the time to plant your spring bulbs, so clear away the autumn debris and get planting.

Things to Consider

Your location and climate will play a part in determining the best time for certain garden overhaul tasks. Before beginning, take into consideration the type of plants you have, the type and condition of your soil and the specific needs of your garden.

For help with all types of garden maintenance, including annual garden overhaul tasks, contact HortCulture. Our team of experts is standing by to offer excellent advice and assistance customised to your specific needs.

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