A Few Important Reasons To Regularly Trim Your Trees

Owning a property with a garden that has trees is definitely a luxury not afforded to many, but having trees in your garden, especially large ones, is also a big responsibility.

As north shore tree trimming experts, we consider ourselves well-versed in the advantages of regular tree trimming.

Tree Aesthetics

While aesthetics usually boil down to personal taste, we believe that most will agree that trees, especially the bushy variety, look a lot better when they are neat and trim and neat as opposed to sprawling and gangly. Regularly trimming your trees will give your entire garden a well-cared-for appearance and add aesthetic appeal to your landscape.


If your trees have dead or diseased branches, they could pose a risk to your family as well as your property if they were to fall without warning. Having your trees regularly trimmed ensures that dead branches are removed before they become dangerous, and therefore maintaining the health of your trees. Safety is the #1 reason that you should make use of tree trimming services.

Tree Health

If you leave certain trees’ branches to grow without trimming, they could easily overload the tree’s trunk, cause it to become weak, and eventually even die. While some trees don’t experience this problem, there are many trees that do require regular trimming to be healthy.

Keep Your Neighbours Happy

If branches start creeping over your boundary walls into your neighbours’ garden, you could have some grumpy neighbours. While you may think they’d appreciate the free shade, just think about the extra leaves and flowers they’ll have to be sweeping up every day. By taking the initiative to have your trees professionally trimmed, you’ll save yourself a few awkward conversations for sure!

Trust In The Professionals

Tree trimming and maintenance may seem like a task that you could do on your own, but it can be very dangerous and is also exceptionally time-consuming if you are not a trained professional. Rather leave this job to the experts!

Looking for professional North Shore tree trimming services? Get in touch with the expert team of arborists at Hort Culture today.

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