What are the Best Low Maintenance Australian Plants for your Garden?

We would all love to enjoy our surroundings with a morning coffee to hand but rushed commutes, long office hours and weekend errands mean it can be hard to find the time to give our garden the attention it deserves.

That’s why our team at Hort Culture has compiled a list of the best low maintenance Australian plants that will transform your outdoor space without the hassle.

The Best Low Maintenance Australian Native Plants For Your Garden


1. The flowering gum tree

Native to Australia, the flowering gum tree, also known as the Corymbia ficifolia, is a great place to start when creating an easy-to-manage garden.

Below, we’ve rounded up the most low maintenance flowering gum trees on offer.

  • The ‘Mini Red’

Boasting scarlet flowers which will draw in nectar-hungry bees and birds from December until February, the ‘Mini Red’ will brighten any small outdoor space within a sheer matter of months.

  • The ‘Wildfire’

Another impressive option for those looking to make a statement in their garden is the ‘Wildfire’ which blooms in summer with a vibrant crown of fiery flowers.

  • The ‘Baby Orange’

One for those with limited outdoor space, the ‘Baby Orange’ is well-suited to coastal areas and tolerant of air pollution – perfect if you’re a city-dweller. Expect to spot striking apricot-hued flowers between December and February.

How to look after a flowering gum tree?

Hardy and easy to care for with show-stopping flowers which bloom in spring and summer, a flowering gum tree is guaranteed to delight the whole family (and neighbourhood) for seasons to come.

The native plant thrives in sunlight and is tolerant of drought once fully-established. You can prune if you wish once the tree has flowered though they require little further attention.

2.The Australian Fan Palm

Native to the North Queensland rainforest, the Licuala ramsayi is a sweeping palm tree which will thrive in your garden come spring and summer.

How to look after an Australian Fan Palm?

A slow growing tree (with results that are well worth the wait), the Australian Fan Palm is best placed in a shady position with well-drained and fertile soil.

If you wish to liven up a verandah or balcony, the majestic palm can also be potted with ease. Just make sure to mist spray your plant when the weather is dry and use moist soil.

3. The Bottlebrush

The Bottlebrush shrub was given its name courtesy of the unique spikes of flowers which bloom from the ends of its stems.

How to look after a Bottlebrush?

One of Australia’s most popular low maintenance native plants, the Bottlebrush is fast growing and bursts into red flowers come spring. They live for a long time with well-drained soil, direct sunlight and most importantly, minimal maintenance.

It’s recommended that you water the plant regularly with only a small amount of pruning necessary in early spring and late summer.

4. The Pandorea

Another of the most popular low maintenance Australian native plants is the Pandorea jasminoides which is commonly known as the ‘Bower of Beauty’.

With glossy dark green leaves and twirling vines, it makes for a romantic climber draped over archways, doors or balconies. You can choose from a variety of colourways from ‘Lady Di’ which showcases white blooms to the ‘Southern Belle’ which blooms with baby pink petals.

How to look after a Pandorea?

Pandorea prefer well-drained and moist soil with plenty of sunlight. Regular pruning is advised once your plant has flowered.

Investing in a few low maintenance additions to the garden as suggested won’t take long but will mean all the difference, giving you and your family more time to enjoy your outdoor space together.

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