Deciding To Have A Tree Removed

Whether you need to clear trees, to make more space in your garden for home expansions or a tree is posing a danger to your family and property, there are many reasons why you would want a tree removed. However, this decision should not be taken lightly, as trees add value in the form of shade, privacy and aesthetic appeal to your garden.

As tree removal Northern Beaches, we have removed our fair share of trees and have gained valuable knowledge and experience surrounding this topic.

Removing a Tree When It Poses A Danger

Trees should be removed if they are dead or in danger of falling over, as this could cause major damage to your family and property. Some signs that a tree may be posing a danger include:

  • The lower part of the trunk is broken or cracked
  • There is fungi growing where the tree meets the ground. This is often a sure sign of decay
  • A stem has split
  • The tree has many dead branches
  • The tree is leaning at a precarious angle
  • The tree has ceased to bloom
  • The tree is growing close to a power line

Removing A Tree To Create Space

Whether you’re expanding your home or building a pool, you may want to remove a tree or trees to create space. This is usually completely fine, but in some cases, there are certain protected trees that are discouraged from being removed. Also, keep in mind that some trees take hundreds of years to grow, and do you really want to remove this ancient being from your property?

Speak To A Specialist

At the end of the day, the best way to make this decision is to speak to a tree removal specialist, and they’ll be able to offer you expert advice on whether you should have your tree removed or not, taking into consideration all the factors of your situation.

Looking for a tree removal service on the northern beaches that you can trust? Hort Culture provides neat and efficient tree removal services on the northern beaches and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us to start chatting about your tree removal needs.

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