Lawn Care Tips From the North Shore Experts

Keeping your lawn in tip-top condition is a lot harder than it looks! It can take time, effort, and dedication to learning more about lawn care and maintenance to achieve a healthy, green, and full lawn. And just when you think you’ve got it right…the weather or some other external factor can throw you completely off course again.

As garden and lawn care experts on the north shore, here are a few tips to get you startedon excellent garden care:

Proper Mowing

To keep a lawn looking nice and neat, it needs to be regularly mowed. A few helpful mowing tips include:

  • Investing in a quality mower
  • Keeping your mower blades sharp as blunt blades will give your lawn a straggly, uneven look
  • Mowing regularly at a taller height to get your grass nice and thick

Proper Watering

Grass needs to be regularly watered if it’s going to stay green and lush. Some lawn watering tips to get you started include:

  • Water in the early morning or evening when the heat of the day won’t instantly evaporate the water.
  • Water around 2.5cm around 3 times a week is the general rule of thumb
  • Ensure that you water evenly and don’t leave patches.


Feed your lawn with fertiliser to ensure that it maintains its health. Fertiliser relies heavily on timing so ensure that you only apply fertiliser during growing seasons. The way to determine the correct type of fertiliser to use is to regularly test your soil’s pH. Most fertilisers are relatively affordable and well worth the results they provide.

Call on the Experts

You know your friends with the immaculate and luscious lawn? Chances are that they have a professional garden service assisting them. A garden service is an effective, affordable, and time-saving solution to your lawn care challenges.

Looking for an expert garden service that can handle your lawn care on the north shore? Get in touch with our team of garden professionals at Hort Culture. No matter the size of your garden, we have the skills, tools, and knowledge to keep it looking gorgeous all year round.

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