The Benefits of Regular Tree Pruning

There are three main types of pruning, namely, thinning, topping, raising, and reduction. The type of trees and plants you have on your property will determine your pruning needs. Pruning experts will know what type of pruning is required in certain scenarios.

If you’ve never invested in pruning services before it may be time to start! Protect your property as well as your plants with regular tree pruning North Shore!

Maintain Plant Health

Regular pruning removes dying and dead branches from the plant, and this process makes room for new branches, leaves and buds to form. This also wards off infestations and plant diseases, as well as promotes a healthy plant shape.

Landscape Maintenance

Pruning also helps with the overall look of your plants as it promotes a denser, neater growth pattern. Pruning helps you stay on track with your garden’s layout. If you’re big on landscape aesthetics, you’ll consider investing in professional pruning services.

Protect Your Property

Regular pruning greatly removes the risk of branch breakage in storms, and heavy winds, which means pruning protects your property from the potential risks that your foliage presents. Pruning keeps branches neat, dense, and tidy, and they are far more unlikely to fall off than an unpruned tree.

Protect Pets & Family

Because pruning removes dead branches, branches are less likely to fall on your family or pets. If you have kids that like to climb trees, tree pruning will ensure that it is safe for them to do so, and they won’t be at risk of grabbing onto dead branches or coming across diseased branches or infestations.

Keep Your Neighbours Happy

Trees left to their own devices can start creeping onto your neighbour’s property and dropping leaves and debris into their garden, driveway or onto their roof. Heavy, overhanging branches may pose a danger to your neighbour’s property and family. So it is best to keep your trees neat and tidy. 

Looking for reliable tree pruning on the North Shore? Get in touch with the team at Hort Culture today! Our experts will keep your trees and shrubs in great condition and provide you with all of the benefits that tree pruning has to offer.

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