What is Mulching and Its Advantages?

If you are at all interested in gardening, you may have come across the term ‘mulching’, and wondered what mulching is and its advantages.

To put things simply, mulch is a protective layer that is put over the soil, which can include fallen leaves, debris, compost, and seaweed. The mulching process has become increasingly popular, and it is known for helping gardens truly flourish by feeding the soil with microorganisms. But how does this process benefit your garden?

Reduces Weed Growth

Mulch helps minimise light from reaching the soil’s surface, thus reducing the growth of those pesky weeds in your garden.

Keeps Soil Moist

One of the other great benefits of mulch is that it can help reduce water loss in soil, thus keeping the soil moist and helping soil maintain moisture. You find that with mulching, you may not have to water your garden as often.

Moderates Soil Temperature

Mulching assists in keeping soil at a moderate temperature by keeping it warm on cold nights and cooling it down on hot summer days.

Protects Soil

No matter what sort of combination or mixture you use in your mulch, it creates a protective layer that protects your precious soil from the elements, thus reducing soil erosion and soil compaction.

Feeds the Soil

When using organic mulch, it will eventually break down and feed the soil with nutrients, improving soil quality. Having good soil is a vital factor for healthy plants.

Protects Plants

Not only is healthy soil good for protecting the lives of your plants, but mulching will also help protect your plants from wind, freezes, and thaws.

Keeps Plants Off the Ground

Mulching assists in keeping plants clean and away from the soil, which is great for growing fruit and veggies such as melons and tomatoes. This also helps avoid plant diseases.

We hope that you learnt a bit more about mulching and its advantages in this article. If you are interested in fully optimising the health of your garden, you may be interested in the garden services that we offer at Hort Culture in Sydney. Give us a call, and we can discuss what our services could do for you!

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