What is Sustainable Gardening?

What is sustainable gardening and what can you do to ensure your garden and gardening methods are kind to the environment?

In this post, we’ll take a look at sustainable gardening, what it is and how you can accomplish an eco-friendly environment in your yard.

Sustainable Gardening Explained

The idea of sustainable gardening is to create an eco-friendly environment in your front or backyard. Eco-friendly means your garden and gardening methods do not cause harm to the earth and its inhabitants.

As an example, using harsh chemicals to kill weeds is not considered eco-friendly. Whereas, adopting more natural methods of weed control is. It’s all about maintaining an environment that is healthy and will remain healthy for years to come.

Let’s now look at some sustainable gardening practices so you can create a sustainable home garden that’s eco-friendly and kind to the environment. It’s all about gardening in a responsible manner.

How Do You Make a Garden Sustainable?

With everything we know in the modern world about focusing on being kind to the planet, gardening and sustainability are two words that should go hand in hand as much as possible.

One way to maintain a sustainable garden as best as possible is to look for the least toxic remedy to any pest or weed problem. If the least toxic method doesn’t work and you have to move up a notch in product, at least you’re starting out with the best alternatives to pesticides and harsh chemicals.

Another good idea includes harvesting rainwater and wastewater to hydrate your garden. The more you can take advantage of the natural resources nature provides, the more sustainable your garden becomes.

Rather than feeding your garden plant food and fertiliser from the store, create your own out of your household food scraps in the form of compost and use this to nourish the soil. This way you give back to the earth and not just take from it.

Grow perennial plants that flourish all year round and select plants that are low-maintenance and don’t require loads of watering to survive.

Apply mulch to your garden beds as this helps to prevent weed growth and means you won’t have to use harsh chemicals to keep the weeds away.

Hort Culture can Help

We can advise you on sustainable gardening and even put together a sustainable garden for you.

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