Why You Need To Consider Replanting After Tree Removal

As a company that offers professional tree removal Northern Beaches, we always encourage our clients to consider replanting trees after they’ve had a tree removed. While some trees that have been removed can be replanted in other areas, oftentimes trees that have been removed are dead.

Now that you have an empty space on your property, you could plant another tree, some shrubbery or even grass. If you have removed a tree with the plans to construct, build a driveway etc., take the initiative to plant a tree on another spot on your property.

When you remove a tree from the environment, you increase the carbon levels and add to your overall carbon footprint. No matter how small the impact is of removing a tree, you should always try and balance it out. 

Once your tree has been removed, it will most likely look as if something is truly missing from your property. Improve the aesthetics, as well as the value of your home, by planting over the removal site with plants, trees, flowers or shrubbery of your choice.

By planting over the tree removal site, you’ll also be doing your bit for the local wildlife and insects. Plant flowers that attract bees to help keep our bee population alive and plant trees in which birds can roost. You have the opportunity to create a true haven of sorts.

On top of all the benefits that you’ll add to the environment, foliage can also act as a noise buffer for busy roads and give you additional privacy and natural shade!

Tips For Successful Replanting After Tree Removal on the North Shore

Replanting after removal is often a bit harder than if you were planting with virgin soil. Some tips for replanting include:

  • Wait a while to allow the soil to recover
  • Add in compost and nutrients
  • Give the new plants a lot of attention to help them thrive
  • Think carefully about what you plan on planting.

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