5 Best Home Garden Ideas, Designs & Tips

When you’re planting a new home garden, there are seemingly endless directions you can go in. While it’s great to have choices, it can be hard to make up your mind.

Here are 5 of the best practical tips and ideas to create home gardens.

#1 – How To Design a Home Garden?

If you’re wondering where to come up with practical and attractive home garden ideas, go online and search for some images. There are literally millions of examples on the internet, so you’re bound to get some inspiration.
As far as designing your garden goes, you could seek the help of a professional gardening and landscaping service, or design your very own layout and choose what will go in your garden.
Research what will grow well in the area you plan to place your garden and also determine if the location receives enough sunlight for healthy plant and flower growth.

#2 – Make Use of Stone for Borders and Designs

Home garden design can be made more practical and attractive with the creative use of stone. While creating a border or barrier around your garden with concrete is quite common, it can look a lot more interesting if you use stones. Some plain, grey stone often works best as it doesn’t take the attention away from what’s in the garden itself.
Using stone doesn’t have to end with building borders, though. Stones can also be placed in the garden itself to add highlights and interest to the arrangement. Kind of like mini stone sculptures among the plants and flowers.

#3 – Diversify the Colours

You could opt for a garden that is made up of predominantly green plants and foliage, but a variety of flower colours is certainly more eye-catching.
Planting flowers in a number of different colours will really add the wow factor to your new garden. You could group certain colours, or even plant the flowers in such a way as to form a pattern throughout the garden.
Utilising the stone sculpture idea from the section above, place the stones in the centre and circle it with flowers of the one colour. Then create another circle around that first circle with different coloured flowers. Keep doing this until the garden is full. The results will look amazing.

#4 – Add a Water Feature

There’s nothing quite like the look and sound of running water to add a distinctive touch of tranquility to your new garden and outdoor space. Your water feature doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or expensive or difficult to install. It could simply be one from your local hardware store or landscape supplier that’s ready to go.
Place it in a prime spot within your garden and enjoy the results. Water features will also help to attract birds to your garden.

#5 – Consult With the Experts

For more handy home gardening tips, get in touch with the garden and lawn experts. We have a passion for designing gardens, and we’ll help bring your visions to life.

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