Lawn Mowing Tips: How to Mow Your Lawn Properly?

Lawn mowing is one of the most important practices for a healthy lawn. It might seem like it’s pretty basic and it isn’t rocket science, but to get the best results will require certain techniques and practices.

For an attractive lawn, learn how to mow a lawn properly with these lawn mowing tips from Hort Culture.

The Best Time To Mow Your Lawn

This could vary depending on what season it is, but somewhere between 8 am and 10 am is a good time to mow the lawn. The day is not yet too hot, yet the grass has had time to dry out after overnight rain or dew.

Another good time to get that mower out is between 4 pm and 6 pm. Once again, if it’s summer it’s not too hot, which means it’s less stressful for your lawn, your mower and yourself.

What Is the Best Way To Mow Your Lawn?

It can depend on the kind of terrain you might have to tackle with your lawn mower, but there are some good habits to get into for a better result no matter what kind of yard you have.

Mowing around the edges first can make life easier when you mow the rest of the lawn, as it gives you room to turn your mower around when you start mowing in a pattern.

When it comes to patterns, mowing in stripes is the most common, where you mow a strip, do a 180-degree turn and mow the next strip. Another method is to mow in a box pattern, focusing on one section of the lawn until it’s complete before moving onto the next.

Another handy tip is to mix things up each time you mow. For example, if you use the stripes method, if you go in the vertical direction one week, switch it to the horizontal direction the next. This helps prevent the grass from growing in one direction and makes your lawn more attractive.

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips for a Better Cut

If your lawn mower is hard to start, coughs and splutters as you mow, or simply is not cutting the grass cleanly, it requires some much needed-maintenance.

One thing you’ll want to do regularly is clean the air filter. Naturally, it’ll clog up with a lot of debris when mowing dusty lawns. A clean air filter will not only make your mower easier to start, but it’ll also perform better and consume less fuel.

Changing out the spark plug should make the mower more reliable when firing it up. No more countless pulls on the cord before you can start mowing.

When it comes to the mower blades, you want to keep them sharp for best results. You could sharpen the blades yourself, or take your mower to a mower shop for a professional job.

Don’t Fancy Mowing Your Lawn?

If you really don’t have the time or desire to mow your own lawn regularly, then put its care in the hands of the experts at Hort Culture. Your lawn and gardens are our passion.

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